About Me

Hello! I'm Taylor, yet another college-aged nail blogger. 
I live with my boyfriend and our two cats, all of whom I love more than anything, even nail polish. :)
I currently attend a small university in northern Missouri where I am majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Deaf Studies. 

At the current age of nineteen, I sort of hit a wall with what I want to do with my life. To quiet my anxious mind, I turned to Reddit, which led me to Reddit Lacqueristas, a nail art community. While I've always liked nail polish, my love (aka addiction) didn't really hit until the beginning of this year. And, boy, did it hit hard

Along with nail polish, my interests include cats, tattoos, Harry Potter, painting, Kevin Smith movies, my college forensics team, Marvel comics, Chuck Palahniuk books, Nerdfighters, and theatre.

You can send comments, questions, or concerns to rejoice.nailart@gmail.com