Thursday, February 16, 2012

Celebrating My First Haul with Shine Of The Times

Here it is, my first haul!

Just look at it. What a beaut. It pretty much doubled my collection, which sort of saddens me, but twenty three polishes (as of yet) makes an excellent jumping off point. 
The Revlons I got at K-Mart in a buy one, get 50% off special. Talking to other polish lovers on Reddit Laqueristas, I hear this is happening in a lot of different chain stores, so you might want to check that out.
Click to enlarge and read the color names. 

I was so excited to try out these new polishes, I spent the better part of my Tuesday swatching each one on a different finger. I tried for hours on  Tuesday and even a while on Wednesday to get a good picture of the random swatching. I'd always end up with one problem nail that wouldn't photograph right, be it out of focus or colored wrong. I quickly (or not quick enough) came to the realization that I need to do this the long way and swatch them one at a time. 

And where better to start than my biggest lemming? I've wanted Shine of the Times since I first saw it. The opal feel just blew me away. And seeing a picture vs. seeing it in person? It's a thousand times more beautiful.

My skin is a little discolored in the last picture, but I thought is showed the shine quite nicely.
This is one, albeit thick, coat of SOTT over two coats of Sephora OPI Frankly, I Don't Give A-Damn, topped off with one coat of SV.

In other news, I was nominated for my first award by Miss Vee's Nails, which I super appreciate! And I will be spreading that love tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that. 

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  1. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out!