Friday, February 10, 2012

A New Sort of Rockabilly

I was so excited, I had to run (metaphorically) right over and tell my few, but very appreciated followers. Though, silly me, I forgot to grab nail polish remover while I was at the store last night, so I can't play just yet.

Here's another B.B. mani, my own personal spin on Rockabilly (aka I don't know when to stop)

It was just going to be the pink and the leopard accent nail, but that wasn't enough, so I added the thumb spot. That sat for a few hours before I decided it STILL wasn't enough, and that's when the flat half moons came in.
The colors used were Essie Watermelon and Sephora OPI's Frankly, I Don't Give A-Damn.

If you check back in later today, I will post the product of my dotting tools experiment. The only question is if I should get started on my Not-So-Valentine's Day mani or try another design between here and Monday... Choices, choices.

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