Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Meager Collection - Swatched

Hello, everyone!
So, in celebration of my very first paycheck, I blew it pretty much right away on nail related things. I'm just now starting to see those things in the mail. Yesterday, the most wonderful thing came for me. I am so excited to share it with you.

I spent my day off yesterday, swatching and labeling my collection. I'm so happy with the outcome. 

They're all placed on a long bolt, held together with a simple nut, making organization easy. You simply pull the sticks off the bolt to polish them, and you can mess with the order at any time. Finding colors that work well together is so easy now. It'll also make things a lot easier when friends come over, wanting their nails painted. Instead of pulling out every single bottle, I just show them my swatch sticks.

I went out and bought a cheap label maker, and it seemed to really speed up the process. I included brand and name for each label. I thought about adding the coat number, but I tried to keep it all at an even two coats. The label maker also has the capability to do a lot of cute little symbols, so when I run out of a certain polish, I plan to put a little skull and crossbones on the stick. 

I found these sticks for about five dollars through a quick eBay search. It came in a pack of 50 sticks, with the bolt and nut included. They did come from Korea, so it took about a month to arrive, but it was worth the wait. I will undoubtedly be ordering more soon.

Swatching yesterday did make me realize what a small collection I have, though. What you see here is everything, except frankens and polishes used for frankening. It comes to 38 polishes total, excluding franken supplies. 

Another thing that came in the mail yesterday was Zoya Loredana, so you can expect to see that tomorrow!


  1. I need to do this. Where did you get the sticks?

    1. They were a top result when I searched for them on eBay. Just "swatch sticks".

  2. CUTE idea!
    I think I may have a few too many polishes to justify doing this with...Should have started early!