Sunday, April 1, 2012

Girly-Girl Challenge Day Eight: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Well, hey, strangers! I'm sorry I vanished for a while.
The truth is, work has done a number on my nails, and until last night, I haven't had the time or the energy to bring them up to picture quality. I apologize if my cuticles are still a little raggedy. 
The good news is, being gone for a little while drew out the end of the girly girl challenge. I'm sad to see it go.

Th final day of the challenge calls for a fun-loving mani. When I think fun, I think bright colors and bold patterns. Keeping bold patterns in mind, I headed over to the Urban Outfitters online store. They have some awesome patterns. I saw this bathing suit and knew right away what I wanted to do.
Here's my inspiration.

I took it quite literally and decided to try cut out nails. 

I used Sally Hansen Nude Now, Essie Blanc, LA Colors Black, and Sally Hansen Lightening for the accent nail.
(and speaking of accent nails, don't forget my nail art contest!)

I think the other ladies are done with the challenge, but you can still check out what all they did!


  1. I agree! That's a really fun idea!

  2. So awesome! I love the yellow accent!

  3. That is SOOO COOL!! That bathing suit is amazing and it translates amazingly to nails! Love the design!