Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Geometry and Roses

Hey! Today, I'm going to cut the lead-in and go straight for the picture.

I'm not too sure what to call today's manicure. The pattern isn't quite basket weave and it's not herringbone. Aztec, maybe? I'll stick with geometric. 
What I can call this manicure, today, is beautiful. I love the look of hard lines with soft roses.  
Revlon Vixen and Revlon Spanish Moss were used to create the roses. The white is my newest Art Deco stripers, and the gray base is my newest franken. I'm really excited to show you guys, but I still need to mess with it a little bit. I tried to make a gray shimmer, but this batch is a little too subtle for my tastes. MOAR SHINYS!

I also have swatches of four new Elf polishes, coming up. I've never had an Elf polish before, so I am quite excited!

I hope you enjoyed this look and I hope you enjoy my nail art contest!


  1. Interesting! I'd like to see some more variations on this type of look.

  2. Sorry if I'm reposting this comment. Love the contrast between the hard edged geometric pattern with the soft edged flowers.