Sunday, April 15, 2012

Glitter and Graphite

Hello, friends and followers!
Do you ever get into this trend, where you find yourself picking up the same colors for weeks at a time?
I'm stuck in one right now, and this time, I keep gravitating to these pewter, gunmetal, graphite grays. 
The last two polishes I bought are essentially the exact same color. See what I mean?

This is Zoya Loredana, my Share The Love pick, top coated, and the accent nail is Sally Hansen Gem Crush Glitz Gal. It looks like I added holographic glitter to Loredana, but Glitz Gal is a beautiful pewter glitter all its own. I also picked up a black Art Deco striper recently, and decided to give the framed look a try.

I am in love with every single aspect of today's manicure. I need to run out and buy all of the striping polishing,  now, and I cannot get enough of Loredana. I think it's the perfect amount of grunge and glitz.
What do you think?

Just a reminder, the month's half over! Don't forget to join in on my nail art contest!


  1. Loredana has some amazing flashes of color that I wasn't expecting. Glitz Gal is such a nice compliment to it. Great combo!