Sunday, March 18, 2012


I sat down to paint my nails, last night, preparing for the typical NOTD post. I made sure they were good and dry, then my boyfriend and I went to Walmart. We walked around, bought a bunch of food we didn't need, yada yada yada, then, while I was getting in the car to come home, the seat belt took a bite out of my nail polish. I nearly cried. My boyfriend thought it was hilarious.
It's almost a blessing in disguise, because the polish doesn't seem to want to photograph.

Instead of painting my nails twice today (once for today and once for tomorrow), I thought I'd take this free time to discuss a giveaway with you guys. I wanted to do some sort of giveaway or contest when I hit 5000 views, which I think will happen within the next month. I've been trying to get everything together before hand, so I can announce the event as soon as 5000 hits. But I want to do right by you guys, so if you could take a second to answer these quick questions, I can provide a truly awesome celebration for all. 

1. Would you rather participate in a giveaway or a nail art contest?

2. Any suggestions for a contest theme? I'm thinking "accent nails" but I'd love to hear from you.

3. What would your dream prize be? A few random polishes I choose? A giftcard to llarowe or ninja polish? A julep maven box? A few polishes from a newer collection? Frankens?

I'd really appreciate your feedback!


  1. Honestly, I prefer a nail art contest over any "normal" giveaway, but in the sense that the participant has to dedicate a design to you. Not that there is judging or something like that. I just think that this lures less plain giveaway hunters and offers a great possibility to discover new blogs at the same time.
    Hm, if I were to suggest a theme, I would go for something that any nail art lover can do despite their skill level. Like the challenge we are doing right now.
    For me there is no dream prize. Why not choose something you like a lot?

  2. How considerate to ask! firstly thanks!
    ok 1) I would prefer a contest, but with still a random draw...way more ppl will enter and come to your site, plus generate more views for those who enter (KWIM?)
    2)accent nail, or pick 2 random colours and have those colour incorp into the mani. Or an inspired by spring.
    3) I'll leave the prizes up to you... I enjoy doing art contests for fun, and would likly enter for a half used bottle of base coat :)

    PS sorry about your nail!

  3. After all that shopping it still dented? How unfair.

    For giveaways, I'd enter either but a challenge is always nice.

    Accent nails sounds nice!

    I think you should choose the prize but all your suggestions sound awesome!