Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Post of the Caps Lock

I was honestly expecting it to come, like, a week from today. I get excited just looking at it. 
It also came with three business cards, a post-it note type thing, and a coolio sticker. I'm not sure what I'm going to stick the sticker to just yet, but rest assured, I'll display it proudly. 

With all this talk of Lesbihonest, I'm sure you're thinking that that's what I have for you today.
Well, I don't. I so very much wish I could say that I swatched it already, but I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW TODAY!
Oh, goodness, this is just the post of the caps lock. I'm just super excited. And by excited, I mean pukey nervous. 
Here are my interview nails!

I just wanted something crisp and clean, so half moons it is! They really seem to elongate my fingers.
Maybe the interviewer at McDonalds will hire me just because I have long fingers? Wouldn't that be nice?
I used Sally Hansen Nude Now because it gives my nails a healthy shimmer and topped it off with Revlon Blue Slate. 

Well, wish me luck! 
Check in tomorrow for more Lesbihonest spam!

1 comment:

  1. These two colours look great together!

    Hope your interview went well!